Tuesday, August 23, 2011

iOS Recipes Review

Here’s a book I couldn’t recommend more. iOS Recipes by Paul Warren and Matt Drance has done more to improve my code than any other book.


iOS Recipes gives 40 code samples to improve common or useful iOS code. The recipes are grouped into five categories: UI, Table/Scroll Views, Graphics, Networking, and Runtime. The book is organized so you can read it in whatever order suits your needs. The wide range of recipes guarantees there is something that will benefit you.


iOS Recipes includes many code samples that can be dropped into any project and will just work without any extra modification. Any project could benefit from using at least one of the included recipes. For example, the common table view cell production/customization process typically takes 20+ lines of code. I now write the same code in 3 lines of code and it is fully Interface Builder customizable.

The greatest value of this book, however, is the explanation of how these recipes were designed. Warren and Drance explain exactly why they, for example, chose blocks over delegation or vice versa. By applying their same reasoning to other code, you can create your own quality recipes. This is further encouraged by not giving recipes that do everything. Some extensions are left as an exercise to the reader.


There’s nothing I can say against this book. It really is a great book.


Every experienced iOS developer should own this book. By following the principles taught in iOS Recipes, your code will increase in quality. I also recommend this book to any daring, young developers who are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the full power of Objective-C and designing quality code.